From playful to practical, check out these cool finds for your summer of fun.


The Portable High Chair

Keep babies and toddlers secure in this portable chair in any room in the house, or in the backyard for snack or mealtime. The Portable High Chair by ciao! baby is a one-piece chair that requires no assembly, weighs only 8 pounds, and features an easy-to-clean tray and cup holder. It is simple to unfold, locks into place and folds quickly back up in seconds. The clip-on umbrella accessory with UV lined fabric keeps baby shaded when itís sunny out. $59.99-$89.99.


Aqua Creatures Swim Mask

Kids†can explore their animal alter-egos and discover the underwater world in a whole new way with the Aqua Creatures Swim Mask from Amloid. Each version features unique creature characteristics -- the shark mask comes complete with a fin on top, realistic eyes and jagged teeth over the lens, while the crocodile mask is decked out in reptile scales, spooky yellow eyes and spikey teeth. The one-size-fits-all mask features an adjustable strap to fit kids ages 5 and up along with a durable, high-quality kid-safe lens. Comes in 3 styles. $9.97. Available at Walmart.


Roller Wheel

The inflatable kid-sized Roller Wheel†is perfect for little ones to climb through or roll around in. Complete with a collection of colorful balls inside that jiggle and bounce around as the wheel rotates, this interactive toy really captures kidsí imaginations. The Roller Wheel, by ThumbsUp, also helps children sharpen skills like coordination, cooperative play and physical strength. Because itís made from durable inflatable plastic, itís suitable for use both indoors and out - just be sure to use it on the grass if youíre outside to avoid any potential punctures! Pump is included. $72.†


Zipzicle Ice Pop Pouches

Hot summer days mean cold treats like freeze pops and popsicles, but these treats are packed with sugar, harmful dyes and other junk. Solution? Zipzicle Ice Pop Pouches -- zip-top bags for DIY popsicles! Just fill with your favorite ingredients, zip and freeze. A perfect on the go snack or for every day fun at home. $3.99-$14.99.†



Worrying about your valuables while splashing in the waves is no day at the beach. SAFEGO, a portable safe, allows you to store your jewelry, cash, credit cards, phone, camera, passport or other valuables within its patented lock. Made from heavy duty plastic, it stands up to water, sand and salt, but at just 1 Ĺ pounds is super lightweight to carry and transport. The safe has earphone and charger accessibility so you can listen to your music or charge your phone while itís securely locked inside. SAFEGO comes with two keys or can be opened with your own 3-digit combination. $39.95.†