If there are two things parents need, itís a convenient place to put stuff and a way to move it. You can find both in the aptly named CleverCrate. Lightweight, yet durable, when not in use it folds down to less than 3 inches tall. Useful throughout the house, itís also a slam dunk for the trunk, providing a handy storage option on the go, and one that takes up barely any space. $12.99 and up.

Bringing food to a party, tailgate, or potluck, but thereís no oven to heat it up? Hot Logic has you covered with its 9x13 All-In-One Family Size Hot Logic Cooking System. Known for its famous Mini model, the Family Size holds a 9x13 glass dish in an insulated carrier, which sports a cooking element at the base. When youíre ready to start cooking or heating up food, plug in the carrier and the cooking element uses low-slow conduction heat to cook, reheat, and hold food hot for hours without over-cooking, burning, or drying out. $79.95. hotlogicmini.com.

Do you or your daughter want curls without the red-hot iron? Check out SoCal Curls, the low-heat hair tie that delivers chemical-free curls in 30 minutes. Pop the hair tie in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, then tie it around your head ó just above your forehead ó and wrap sections of hair around the tie, Friar Tuck-style. Thirty minutes later, untie and, voila, effortless curls. $18.99.

Add some unique beauty to your desktop, countertop, or any surface with a Treasure Vessel. These one-of-a-kind containers are made of eco-friendly resin, contain shining grains of sand, and can hold anything from a plant, to pencils, to paper clips. $14.99 and up.

Move over trick candles, kids and parents will get a kick out of Let Them Eat Candles ó chocolate candles that can be eaten once the wick is removed. Imagine your childís face the next time you have a candle occasion. Light the candle, blow it out, then try to keep a straight face as you remove the wick and take a bite in front of the kids. $11.95.