Dislike working out or playing sports while wearing your wedding ring? Check out Groove Ring, the first-ever breathable silicone ring thatís lightweight, low-profile, and comes witha lifetime guarantee. Even better, Groove offers Groove Try On, a program in which youíll get 5 rings to try on for 5 days. Choose what you like and send back the rest with no risk or shipping cost. $29.95. groovelife.co.

Designed by two seventh-graders, Poketti are stuffed toys that offer more than just cuddly fun. Available in a variety of styles (like Flynn the Pig seen here), each plush toy sports a pocket on its back, the perfect place to stash a phone, notepad, glasses, or any small treasure. $12 and up. poketti.com.

Whether itís adult-focused, like a Pats game, or as family-friendly as a Saturday afternoon sideline at the soccer field, October is prime tailgating season. The Tailgate Carrier from meori is the perfect sidekick, capable of easily holding up to 65 pounds of food, drink, and supplies. One section sports a removable cooler insert, while the other can house food, snacks, and anything else you need to haul. Two outside mesh pockets can hold a bottle opener and utensils and, even better, when itís not in use it folds flat for easy storage, and empty weighs only 2 Ĺ pounds. $45. meori.com.

Alexander Hamilton has been a hot commodity for the past two years, and his popularity continues with the release of his very own Who Was? book, Who Was Alexander Hamilton? Part of the best-selling, red-hot Who Was? series from Penguin, the book (written for 8- to 12-year-olds) follows his rise from orphaned child to Founding Father to his resurgence via the 2015 Broadway smash, Hamilton. This is a must-read for fans of the musical and the man.

Imagine never having to fold your childís clothing again and their drawers are neat, clean, and organized. It can happen, thanks to Tidy Snap. Created by a husband and wife who were sick of their kidsí messy rooms and drawers, the product is an easy-to-use system in which children fold, roll, and snap their clothes into neat bundles. Tidy-Snapped clothes mean more room in drawers and allow children to easily see whatís available without rifling through. And the best part? Itís fun and easy for kids to use, so parents wonít have to lift a finger. $39.95. tidysnap.com.