Provide old-school fun in a whole new way with the PinBox 3000 from the Cardboard Track Instantute. This DIY kit is the first tabletop pinball system made of recycled cardboard. Equal parts craft kit, creative canvas, and gaming fun, it takes about an hour to assemble the pre-cut pieces; all you need are two hands and the instruction manual. After assembling, the PinBox is a blank slate: Kids can customize it however they like, adding ramps, spinners, designs, and more. Then itís ready to play, powered only by gravity and their imaginations. $49.95.

Make your bedside table a lot more fun and functional with the BEDDI Style Intelligent Alarm Clock. More than just a time-teller, BEDDI features a USB charging port, Bluetooth speaker, LED clock display, white noise generator, and multi-colored mood lighting. Instead of a nasty alarm, kids ó or parents ó can be awakened by their Spotify or Apple Music playlists. $49.99.


Get ahead of this hot trend early and grab a Color-Changing Sequin Mermaid Pillow from the Mermaid Pillow Co. Available in a variety of colors, themes, and styles, the pillows feature an illustration and inspirational message on one side and reversible, color-changing sequins on the other. Once you pick it up, itís impossible not to move the sequins around to draw patterns or write letters. At 12Ēx20Ē itís an armful of fun and a relaxing, soothing addition to your childís bedtime routine. $34.99 and up.

Just a few short years ago, we were lulling resistant babies and children to sleep with car rides, vacuuming, and white noise CDs but ó yay, technology ó hereís a far-easier solution: the Baby Oasis Sound Machine. This small unit provides eight hour-long uninterrupted tracks, including White Noise, Prenatal, Lullaby, Dolphins, Car Ride, and Heartbeat. $59.99.



There are two things you always need in a home with children ó†more storage space and an uncluttered place to sit. With the Tufted Folding Storage Ottoman from Fresh Home Elements, you get both in one space-saving package. The 15Ē ottoman is available in a variety of colors and sets up in 5 seconds and 3 simple steps ó no tools necessary. It provides a deep space to store toys, books, homework, and more, as well as a sturdy place to sit. If itís not needed, the ottoman folds up flat, making storage a breeze. Itís an affordable addition to any home that will be well-used. $34.99.