Kuvée, the first-of-its-kind wine system, features a bottle-shaped, Wi-Fi-enabled dispenser that not only pours your wine but also displays a host of information on your selection: pairing tips, information on winemakers and vineyards, and simple and clear tasting notes. Wine selections arrive in Kuvée’s airtight Fresh Pour bottles, which fit into the dispenser. When not being poured, the bottles are preserved for up to 30 days after opening, so there’s no worry of wasting wine and no reason not to try different bottles in one sitting. The service is available at kuvee.com for $199, which includes the Kuvée dispenser and four bottles of wine. kuvée.com.
Maximize Your Berry Enjoyment
It’s berry season, so give them a boost with the Bramble Berry Basket from Chef’n. Each container doubles as a colander for rinsing berries, and the design keeps them separated from moisture, keeping them fresher longer. The baskets are also stackable to maximize space in the refrigerator. $9.99. chefn.com.