Summertime means time outside — and away from anything with an on-off button. If you've been itching to get your kids off their devices, here are products that will make them forget anything with a screen.

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On The Go
On The Water

Roo Hammock, $99
Kids love hammocks (parents do, too, if they can get a turn). This 10-foot-long ripstop hammock is tear-resistant, comfortable for two, can support up to 500 lbs., and packs down into a 5x6-inch, 24-ounce, integrated stuff sack.

Giant Net Swing
svan.con, $99.99
Hung from a tree or metal frame, this sturdy swing supports multiple passengers (up to 220 lbs and two children) and features a steel frame with foam safety padding for extra security. It also comes apart for easy storage during colder months.

Rainbow Kite, $12.50
Designed to be stable and easy to launch in nearly every type of wind, this 43-inch beginner kite makes it easy to make great memories and learn the ins and outs of kite handling. Super affordable and super fun.

Balance Bike, $119
Make learning how to ride a bike more fun, faster, and easier by eliminating the pedals and allowing kids to scoot around using their feet first. Approved for riders 18 months and up.

GeoSafari Solar Rover, $29.99
Harness the power of the sun and cast shadows to drive, turn, and stop the rover. Take the show on the road with an included activity guide and three training course cones to create a rover challenge course.

Giant Tumbling Tower
svan.con, $99.99
Great for indoor and outdoor play, this wooden 60-piece set can stack up to 4 feet high and comes in its own carrying bag.