Encourage imagination and creativity for ages 3 and up with Props in a Box. Each set comes in a fabric storage case and includes assorted props for two characters and a 55” x 42” backdrop. Boxes come in four themes: The Princess & The Chef, The Dino & The Pirate, The Doctor & The Farmer, and The Fisherman & The Astronaut. $59.99.

If you’re in the market for new earphones, check out the mk5 Isolator from Etymotic. Lightweight and low-profile, these in-ear earphones fit comfortably under hats and helmets and are ideal for commuting, travel, and sporting activities. They offer rich sound and tune out ambient noise. The company also offers its ETY•Kids Safe-Listening Earphones, engineered not to exceed safe sound output levels. By controlling the maximum output, parents don’t have to worry about monitoring the volume on a child’s device. $59 (mk5 Isolator); $39 (ETY•Kids).

Legendary designer Todd Oldham’s Kid Made Modern movement offers a series of cool hands-on activity kits and products designed to get children creating. With the Woven Notebook Kit, kids can create custom weaving patterns onto the front of a chipboard notebook, the cover to a 70-sheet notebook featuring rainbow printed lines. Drawing fans will love the Giant Crazy Crayon, which features 64 colors smushed into one 8” long by 1” wide crayon. And budding architects will love the Modern House Kit, where they can build walls and decorate all surfaces of their personalized wooden pad with sticker wallpapers and floor coverings, acrylic paints, brushes, glue, and more. $14.99 (Woven Notebook Kit); $6.99 (Giant Crazy Crayon); $39.99 (Modern House Kit).


Give kids a head start on their financial future with Moonjar: A new take on old-fashioned piggy banks, Moonjar is divided into three colorful containers labeled Save, Spend, and Share. It teaches children how to portion out their money so no container is left empty. Moonjar makes accompanying books and Conversations To Go to get more families talking with their children and educating them about money. $25.


Make sitting more fun — and healthy — with these active sitting products from yoga and fitness leader Gaiam. The Stay-N-Play Ball and Classic Balance Ball Chair are recommended for children ages 5-7, encouraging healthy posture and improving focus. The Balance Cushion Jr., for ages 5-12, turns any chair into an active seat, helping kids get the wiggles out and practice healthy posture. $19.98 (Kids Stay-N-Play Ball); $69.98 Kids Classic Balance Ball Chair; $19.98 (Kids Balance Cushion Jr.). gaiam.com.