Celebrate National Bike Month by taking your children out for a bicycle ride around the local park or a bike trail. May is a perfect time to enjoy a family bike ride, before the summer heat sets in. According to Menís Fitness, cycling is a lower-risk form of cardiovascular exercise and is low impact, so itís easier on your legs, ankles, knees and feet. Itís also an awesome way for your family to get exercise and have fun while doing it!

Before enjoying your bike ride, itís very important to make sure your family is safe by properly fitting their helmets. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey revealing that only 48†percent†of children ages 5 to 14 wore a helmet when riding a bike. In 2010, 800 bicyclists were killed, and itís estimated that about 515,000 people required emergency department care due to bicycle-related injuries. About half of these cases were children under the age of 20! There are about 26,000 cases of adolescent traumatic brain injury annually.

Learn more about bike safety at Marlborough Hospitalís Safe Summer Fun Day on June 6.

Here†is a six-step guide from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration†to ensure your family has a safe, fun ride. It explains how to†properly fit a bike helmet.†Watch our†video.

Here are a few places for you and your family to ride their bikes:

Central Massachusetts rail trails

Places to bike across our state

Blog post originally appeared on Simply Well†at UMASS Memorial Medical Center†